Commercial Crane Services

Commercial Tree & Crane Services

Whether you're a contractor, government director, or business owner, Fisher's Tree Service can help you do the heavy lifting. Our fleet of cranes and heavy equipment can tackle any commercial job, and our team of certified technicians and operators are great to work with.

Learn more about our tree and crane services. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Services to our commercial partners.

Why Choose Fishers Tree Service?

  • Fully Insured & Safety Certified
  • Professional & Reliable
  • Experienced Team
  • Specialized Equipment Fleet
  • Reliable & Responsive
  • Locally Owned & Operated

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Tree Services

  • Tree Removal
  • Selective Pruning
  • View Enhancement
  • Planting & Mulching
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • 24-Hour Storm Work
  • Stump Grinding
  • Plant Healthcare

Crane Services

  • Lift & Place Heavy Machinery
  • Set Steel Framing & Roof Trusses
  • Set Wood or Metal Trusses
  • Lift & place AC Units & Large Compressors
  • Church Steeple Construction, Deconstruction & Maintenance
  • Offload & Set Temporary Offices on Construction Sites
  • Lift & Place Modular Buildings

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Locally owned and operated, Fisher's Tree Service is committed to giving you the highest quality tree service and tree removal at an affordable price. Our commitment to excellence in both quality of work and customer satisfaction means you can be sure you are hiring the right tree or crane service for the job, every single time! Our free estimate will help you determine which of our services will best meet your needs. From tree removal, pruning, planting, or cabling, to mulching, stump grinding, and other maintenance, we're certain we can assist you.