Fishers Environmental

Fisher Environmental Compost Facility

Fisher Environmental is a certified Large Type 1 Compost Facility that produces wood products on site that are sold in bulk to contractors, landscapers, nurseries or the public. DEQ Permit #2306-COMPOST-2021

Landscaping Materials Sold in Bulk

  • Single Hammer Mulch
  • Double Hammer Mulch
  • Lumber
  • Live Edge Wood Slabs
  • Top Soil & Compost
  • Wood Chips
  • Sand

Contact our office for retail or wholesale pricing.

Materials for Sale in Bulk

Soil & Compost
Wood Chips
Wood Chips
Live Edge Slabs

Wood Chips

Wood Chips are a product of wood/tree chippers on all tree sites, this is a good ground cover that is a more bulky material

Single Hammer Mulch

Single Hammer Mulch is material that has been processed through our horizontal grinder once. This is great if your goal is a bigger material for more natural ground cover.

Double Hammer Mulch

Double Hammer Mulch is the same single hammer material that has been processed through the horizontal grinder for a 2nd time to create a smaller material perfect for flower beds or landscaping mulch beds.

Screened Compost

A combination of leaves, grass clippings, and other compostable product that has been brought to temperature to kill off any pathogens and processed through a trommel screener to remove any large pieces. This BLACK GOLD is perfect for vegetable gardens too!

Screened Topsoil

If you want your neighbors to be jealous of your greener grass, our topsoil is where the magic happens. It is soft and nutrient rich to hold the perfect amount of moisture for growth of grass or plants.

Rough Cut Lumber

Our Woodmizer sawmill can cut any size lumber you need for your upcoming project. Bring us a materials list and we can get it cut. Whether it be a new chicken coop you are building, interior siding, or re- flooring a trailer. Prices will vary.

Live Edge Slabs

Our Peterson Slabber can cut up to 7’ in width. Perfect for table/ bar tops or mantles. Bring us your ideas- we will make it happen at the sawmills! Prices will vary.

Offsite Horizontal Grinding

Our Peterson Horizontal Grinder will grind wood debris or regrind your wood chips providing you with a quality mulch left on site. The best mulch can make all the difference. Our on-site grinding services are designed to meet the needs of municipalities, recycling centers, transfer stations, landfills, landscape contractors, land clearing companies, tree companies or sawmills. We can also haul away material for additional fees.

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